Why To Replace The Roof Before The Siding


In its latest blog post, TK Roofing & Gutters aims to answer a commonly asked question by homeowners as to whether they should replace the roof or siding first. As a trusted locally owned roof repair expert, owner Daryl Gentry explains the importance of roofing and siding for a home. Answering the question, Gentry asserts the need to address a damaged roof before the siding to avoid the possibility of damaging the siding.

The blog post explains that siding replacement is an important home improvement project that homeowners often forget about. Replacing the siding gives the home a unique look and charm and prevents the interiors from being damaged by rain, humidity, temperature changes, insects, and pests.

Daryl Gentry remarks that upgraded siding improves the look and functionality of a property and can completely change its external look.

Old siding makes the property vulnerable to leakage and structural damage from rainwater, which can leak around the windows. The Akron roofer explains that such damage is often hidden, and homeowners remain unaware until the siding is removed.

Like siding, a new roof has many structural and cosmetic benefits. Daryl Gentry lists some of the top benefits of a new roof, such as making the property look better and saving money on energy costs. “Modern roofing systems offer eco-friendly and cost-saving features,” states the leading roofer in Akron, adding that they have better insulation and "cool" roofing options that can help keep the home cooler, make the temperature stable, and save money on energy bills.

A roof is an essential structural asset of a home, which makes a home safe and secure and keeps the inside temperature stable and comfortable all year. The blog post advises homeowners to replace an old roof to avoid costly repairs and damage to the home's interior.

TK Roofing has been in the roof replacement business for almost two decades. The leading Akron roof replacement company cautions homeowners against ignoring old roofs that are less likely to hold up in extreme weather and can prove dangerous and expensive later. Homeowners should get a roof inspection before the winter weather extremes cause issues.


As the best roofing company in Akron, TK Roofing And Gutters prides itself on its expertise in roof repair and replacement. The customer-focused business strives to give utmost care and attention to every customer’s home. TK Roofing & Gutters is certified by CertainTeed and offers the best warranties in the industry. Any homeowner who suspects a roofing problem can contact TK Roofing and Gutters for inspection, repair, or replacement.

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