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What Kind of Roof Lasts The Longest?

March 16, 2021
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Most homeowners search "how much a roof replacement costs?", but one thing they should be searching for is What roof lasts the longest? There are multiple ways to ensure you have a strong, durable roof that can stand the test of time.

Things like the design of the roof, roofing materials, and weather all play a factor in how long your roof will last.

There are also things you can do, like routine inspections, that can prolong the life of your roof.

A good roof will typically have good insulation and a strong base that can resist environmental hazards.

Getting your roof installed by certified roofing contractors, like the team at TK Roofing and Gutters, also helps.

With all that said, the type of roof you choose will probably have the greatest impact on how long it lasts.

In the article below, we will talk about what kind of roof will last the longest and what you can do to add some years of life to your roof.

Common Roofing Materials

Most roofing products are designed to last around 20 years, oftentimes longer, under normal weather conditions.

Here’s a closer look at roofing materials and how long you can expect them to last:

  • Asphalt Shingles: An asphalt shingle roof can last about 20 years, depending on the quality of the shingles. Some high-quality asphalt shingles are warrantied for up to 50 years, but you can expect to pay more for them.
  • Wood Shingles and Shakes: Wood roofing has an expected lifetime of 30 years, but is dependent on weather conditions.
  • Metal: Metal roofs can last between 40 and 80 years.
  • Slate, concrete, and clay tiles: Slate roofs, concrete roofs, and tile roofs are rated for a life expectancy of 50-100 years or more.

Many roofing materials can be expected to last around 20 years on average, depending on external factors.

A properly maintained roof that is lucky enough to avoid adverse weather conditions can last far longer than their warranties suggest.

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Quality Matters

Remember when picking out your roofing materials that the material's quality is just as important as the material itself.

You need to choose a brand of roofing material known for being high-quality.

If you choose wood shingles, they may be estimated to last from 15 to 20 years.

But if you opt for lower quality shingles to save a few dollars, you are likely shaving a few years of life off of them.

Choosing lower quality materials will always result in a shorter lifespan than if you use a higher-quality material.

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What You Can Do To Make Your Roof Last Longer

People want to know what kind of roof lasts the longest.

But there's another question they should also be asking.

It's also important to know what they can do to make their roof last the longest.

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Clean the Gutters

As A Local Roof Repair Company We Can help your roof last longerClogged gutters can cause more problems than people realize.

Ruined siding paint or a wet basement are typical side effects of dirty gutters.

However, the overflow of the gutters can also move upward.

If leaves pile too deeply in gutters, water can wick into roof sheathing and rot it or even rot your rafters.

That damage could cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage to your roof, but simply cleaning your gutters each fall and spring can help you avoid it altogether.

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Get Rid of Moss

Many roofs can become covered with black algae.

This filmy growth won't hurt the roof, and a little chlorine bleach or detergent mixed with water will kill it.

It’s likely safer for both you and the roof to leave it alone.

If you live in a wooded area, sometimes moss will grow on your roof, especially if you have wood or asphalt shingles.

Moss, which looks more three-dimensional than algae, needs to be removed because it traps water.

If you catch it early enough, it can be swept off.

If it has time to buildup, you may need to kill the moss first.

To do this, you can use products based in potassium salts of fatty acids rather than more toxic formulas with zinc sulfate.

Only apply the product where moss is growing and try to keep it from washing out into the storm drains.

Once the roof is clean and free of moss, you can invest in zinc strips to keep the moss from coming back.

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Hire an Experienced Roofing Professional

No matter what type of roofing you have, it's in your best interest to hire a professional to install it.

DIY on a roof is unsafe, and if you aren’t sure exactly what you're doing, you will do more harm than good.

To install a new roof, or if you have noticed something wrong with your roof, please don't hesitate to reach out to the professionals.

The team at TK Roofing and Gutters can inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate to repair any issues they find.

If you need a new roof, they will explain the costs of the replacement and go over the various types of roofs available.

To schedule your Free Inspection and Estimate with a certified roofing contractor at TK Roofing and Gutters, click on the button below.

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