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Tips To Get Your Roof Ready For Spring

April 14, 2021
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How Do I Prepare My Roof For Spring?

Spring is finally here, which means that many of us are starting the process of spring cleaning and getting our yards ready for summer!

But don't forget to check to see how your home's roof handled the harsh winter weather and determine the needs for your roof as warmer weather approaches. 

Spring cleaning should apply to the top of your home as much as it does to the inside of your home. 

Your roof is your first layer of protection against the elements, and winters are often harsh on your roof.

If your roof shows signs of damage from the winter, it could lead to potential issues and costly repairs in the spring.

As the winter months come to a close, one of the first things you should do after everything has thawed out is to ensure that your roof is ready for the upcoming months by scheduling a spring roof inspection.

The spring season is the perfect time to assess roof damage because the milder weather allows for a comprehensive inspection without the extremes of summer heat or winter cold.

In the article below, we will discuss a few ways you can be sure your roof is ready for spring.

In the article below, we will discuss a few maintenance tips that you can employ to be sure your roof is ready for spring.

Check and Clean Gutters

The first thing you should do is clean the leaves out of your gutters.

To ensure proper water drainage from your roof when it rains, it's crucial to maintain and keep your gutters clean, preventing problems like clogged gutters. Clear out leaves and any other debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Clear out leaves and any other debris that has accumulated over the winter.

You should also check the walls around your gutters and the area under the eaves for water stains or spots.

If you find any, it could be a sign that your gutters aren't allowing water to flow freely to the ground.

While you're checking your gutters, take a quick look to see if there is a tree with any branches touching your roof that needs to be trimmed.

While you're checking your gutters, take a quick look to see if any tree branches with any branches touching your roof need to be trimmed.

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Chimney Damage

If your house has one, and whether you used it or not, it's worth taking the time to quickly inspect your chimney early in the spring.

A dormant chimney is a great place for animals to make nests to stay out of the winter cold.

The last thing you need is for your chimney to be a breeding ground for rodents, insects, and other pests.

You also want to prevent your chimney from leaking to preserve the value of your home.

Even if you never plan on using your chimney, it's best to make sure that the chimney is pest-free and that the flashing around it is properly sealed.

Making sure that the flashing is intact helps prevent leaks that can lead to costly damages.

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Check Your Attic

Once you're done with the chimney, it's time to inspect your attic. Many homeowners look at the roof alone to seek roof leaks - but it may be difficult to spot any. 

Scanning your attic in addition to your roof is a pretty easy task that can be done quickly on your own.

You need to inspect the underside of your roof deck and rafters in your attic for any moisture, water damage or stains, black marks, or mold growth.

You should also check the insulation in the attic for mildew.

Finding mold or mildew in the attic is usually a sure sign that your roof is leaks.

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Missing or Cracked Shingles

Your shingles are the first line of defense for your roof and your home against the elements.

Once the snow melts and spring is in full swing, you need to inspect your shingles right away, no matter what type of roofing material you have.

Assess any wind damage and check your yard for any shingles or shingle fragments.

If you find any, they will usually be near the edge of your roof's eaves in your yard.

Take a look at your downspouts for any shingle granules as well.

If any have settled in the bottom of your downspout, it's usually not an issue, but if you notice them beneath your downspouts, your shingles most likely need attention.

If it's easy for you to check your roof from the ground, look to see if you notice any spots that look cracked, discolored, or warped.

Pay close attention to the spots where shingles are missing because if you can see any of the roof beds between your shingles, you need to call your local roofer.

Spring is a great time to replace your shingles, and worn shingles will not survive the spring rains.

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Speak To The Professionals

If you find it difficult to handle roof maintenance tasks - or cannot find time in your busy schedule to address potential roof damage, consult with a professional roofing contractor who can conduct a thorough and professional roof inspection for you.

For your peace of mind and to avoid more expensive repairs in the future, hiring an experienced and licensed roofer to perform a full roof inspection of your roof and perform any needed repairs are crucial steps.

If your roof has been damaged by Mother Nature over the winter, you should look at your home warranty or insurance policy to see if they will cover the roof repair costs. 

When the roofers arrive for your free inspection and estimate, they will inspect your roof to see if there are any leaks - or shingles that appear to be loose, cracked, curled, or missing.

Depending on what they find during their inspection, they will recommend the best course of action to ensure your roof can protect your home and family from the elements.

You should have a team of professional roofers make these repairs as soon as possible to prevent costly damage or even more extensive repairs in the future.

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