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Should I Replace My Roof Or Siding First?

September 16, 2022
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Both roofing and siding protect your home against the elements.

And they will both and will age over time and need to be replaced.

If they both age out or get damaged at the same time, which should be replaced first?

Can they be replaced at the same time, or will it make more sense to replace one before the other? 

Our roof replacement contractor answers this question in the article below.

Which Comes First? A New Roof Or New Siding?

When your roof and siding need to be replaced, it might be hard to know what order to do things in.

In almost every situation, your roof should be replaced first for a very simple reason.

A new roof could damage the siding if it is put on before the siding is replaced.

That's why we always recommend doing a roofing replacement first.

Now that we know which comes first, let's look at the benefits of a new roof and new siding.


The Benefits Of New Siding

Siding replacement may be one of the best home improvement projects you can do, but people often forget about it.

The siding on your house gives it a unique look and charm and keeps the inside of the house from getting damaged by the weather.

The siding outside of a house protects the inside from rain, humidity, high and low temperatures, insects, and other pests.

That's why ensuring your siding is up to par and in good shape is vital.


Better Curb Appeal

The installation of upgraded siding improves the look and functionality of your home.

Like everything else, siding wears out over time and usually loses some of its original color.

New siding can completely change the way the outside of your house looks.

When you replace your siding, you can change the color and add architectural details, making your home look better from the outside.


Fix Structural Damage

Old siding can sometimes allow rainwater to leak around the windows of your home.

Rainwater can cause significant structural damage.

This type of damage is obvious, but sometimes it is hidden, and you will not know there is damage until you remove the siding.

And when water can leak in, there can also be air leakage, which can raise your energy bills.

When you replace the siding of your home, it is usually possible to repair any structural damage from the outside without causing any problems to the interior of your home.


Improved Energy Efficiency

You can also add insulation to the outside walls of your home when you replace your current siding.

Most older homes don't have any wall insulation or very little insulation.

When the exterior siding is being replaced, you should consider adding insulation like rigid foam insulation.

This is the best time to add insulation because your home improvement contractor has easy access to the area.

The benefits greatly outweigh the costs of siding renovations.

There are several benefits to a new roof.

The Benefits Of A New Roof

A new roof is one of the best things you can do to improve your home.

A new roof, whether a metal roof, asphalt shingle roof, or any other type of roof, will make your home look better and save you money on energy costs.

It can also make your home safer and more comfortable.

Increased Energy Savings

How we treat the environment is more critical than ever.

But old roofs were not made with the environment in mind, which is a shame.

Modern roofing systems offer eco-friendly and cost-saving features.

Many modern roofs have better insulation and "cool" roofing options that can help keep your home cooler and save money on energy bills.

These features make your home's temperature more stable all year, so you don't have to use your air conditioner or heater as much.


A Comfortable Home

We spend a lot of time inside our homes these days, so it's essential that we feel good there.

Your roof's most important job is to keep the temperature inside your house stable and comfortable all year.

A new roof makes your home more comfortable by keeping the temperature even throughout the year.

Depending on the materials you choose, this can also cut your utility bills by a lot.


Safety and Security

A new roof also makes your home safer and more secure.

Old roofs that have reached the end of their useful life can be a significant safety risk because of water damage, which can lead to mold and mildew getting into your home.

Not to mention that old roofs are much less likely to hold up in extreme weather, which is dangerous and expensive if you need to fix something quickly.


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