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The Pros and Cons Of Metal Roofs

November 4, 2020
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Is A Metal Roof The Right Choice For You?

If your current roof is costing you a lot in repairs, it might be time to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs have a variety of benefits, and a few drawbacks, as well. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing. 


Pros Of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs Are Long-lasting and Durable

At the top of our list of benefits is the long lifespan of metal roofing. Many homeowners prefer metal roofing when replacing their roof or for new construction. It's an investment that can keep the roof looking great and protecting your possessions for up to 70 years with the right maintenance. Plus, many manufacturers offer a 50-year warranty on a metal roof, while traditional roofing materials only have warranties of 20 years.

Because the material is highly durable, metal roofs can withstand the elements in your area. This includes wind gusts of 140 miles an hour. Since it has a rust-proof coating, it's not going to crack or corrode.

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Metal Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

Traditional shingles are made of petroleum, so they are dependent on fossil fuels to produce. They also must be replaced every 20 to 30 years, which means 20 billion pounds of shingles are sent to landfills every year.

Metal roofs are more sustainable because they use 25 percent or more recycled materials and are fully recyclable when they wear out their lifespan.

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Metal Roofing Is More Energy-Efficient

Metal roofs have reflective properties, which means you can lower your heating/cooling costs throughout the year. Since it reflects solar heat and doesn't absorb it, you can reduce energy costs in the summer by up to 25 percent.

With this benefit of metal roofing, it can help you save money in the long run while also keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

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Metal Roofs Are Stylish

Today, with the advancements in roofing materials, your metal roof doesn't have to look like corrugated tin. You can choose from a variety of different materials. These include galvanized steel, copper, zinc, tin, or aluminum.

On top of that, your metal roof can include many finishes, colors, and shapes. The variety here surpasses anything that could occur from traditional asphalt shingle roofing. Though asphalt can come in 20 colors, modern metal roofing offers hundreds of shades, including custom versions. Steel and aluminum are often used for residential metal roofing, and they can both hold finishes well.

Most homeowners with a metal roof use vertical ribbed panels called standing seam construction. However, such roofing isn't short on options for style. If you like the traditional profile, you can choose options that look like clay tiles, slate, or wood. This can work well for you if you don't like the standing seam look.

Your metal roof shouldn't stand out or be an eyesore that detracts from your house. Instead, it can look like any other material. There are countless multi-layer factory finishes available to ensure a beautiful appearance and long-lasting lifespan.

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Cons Of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs Can Be Noisy

Some people do like the noise of rain as it hits a metal roof. However, this could be a con, depending on your preferences. If the rain on your metal roof is a concern, roofing experts can install more layers of insulation and sheathing to minimize what you hear in the house. This will, however, add that to the roof means higher costs.

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Metal Roofs Can Be Easily Dented

Your roof is the first defense for your home. Generally, a metal roof can be dented more easily than traditional asphalt shingles. That doesn't mean it isn't high-quality, but your metal roofing may need to be repaired or maintained more often. This extra work requires you to pay a professional to come onsite and do the job.

Metal Roofing Contractors can help you repair your metal roofing.

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Metal Roofing Is More Expensive

One issue with a metal roof is the cost. Metal roofing materials can be much more expensive, and you need a roofing company that has experience installing a metal roof.

While the price is comparable to that of similar premium products, high-end metals can be 10 times the asphalt shingle price. Installation and labor can then be more expensive than other roofing materials and the equipment used to install it.

Of course, homeowners will be able to recoup their initial investment. You may need to pay for new shingles and roof repair more often than you will have to with metal. Just make sure you choose reputable metal roofing contractors to do the work on your home.

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