How Is Technology Changing The Roofing Industry?

Technology has become an essential part of our lives.

We don't go anywhere without a supercomputer in the form of a smartphone in our pockets, and there's not a day that goes by when we aren't in front of some type of computer.

Siri and Alexa have made our lives easier, and we rely on innovation and new technologies now more than we ever have. They can help us find the best deal on an item we need, or in helping us choosing the perfect roofing company

And, it's not just our personal lives that our evolving because of technologies.

Technology is also revolutionizing entire industries, and the roofing industry is no exception.

Roofing professionals have been receptive to different methods of performing their tried and true procedures, allowing technology to enhance roofing businesses across the country.

Technology is making the job of a roofer safer and more efficient, and it saves companies and their customer's money and time.

In the article below, we will look at some innovations that are revolutionizing the residential roofing industry.


Drones went from being an expensive piece of new technology that only a few people could afford to being toys for kids.

But drones have efficient uses in several industries, including the roofing industry.

Retailers use drones to make home deliveries, and filmmakers use drones to capture shots that once required a helicopter.

In the roofing industry, drones are being used to perform roofing inspections.

Drones are also much safer than the old way of performing a roofing inspection because no one has to climb up a ladder onto the roof.

The use of drones allows contractors to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground on the job site.

Robots and Roofing

Robots have been used in industries like the automobile industry for years to streamline production.

The roofing industry is beginning to dip their toes in this technology to make projects safer and more efficient.

Robots in the form of rovers are used to take pictures of damaged roofs to assess them and build estimates.

Some robots can even install certain items during the construction phase of a roofing project.

Green Roofs

A green roof is a roof that fosters the growth of vegetation.

Green roofs consist of a waterproofing layer, a root barrier, a drainage system, and a medium to grow the plants.

Roof gardens can be accessible and include large plants and water features.

Green roofs are believed to be expensive, leaky, and complicated to build, making them slower to be widely adopted.

However, a green roof isn't much more complicated to construct than a typical roof.

It is entirely possible to create a sustainable green roof that doesn’t need to cost a fortune with the help of an experienced contractor.

Solar Shingles

The integration of building-integrated photovoltaics, or BIVPs, means that solar panels can now be combined with other roofing materials to create new solar shingles.

When most people think of solar panels, they think of huge panels that weigh down your roof and that aren't very efficient.

But solar shingles blend in with the rest of your shingles and are efficient enough to be a viable backup power source.

But, like any other solar panel, solar shingles still need a lot of sunlight to be effective, and they are still pretty expensive.

Cool Roof Technology

With climate change and temperatures rising, our energy bills are skyrocketing as we try to keep our homes cool.

Your typical roof absorbs the heat from the sun, making it even hotter on the inside of your home.

Combine that with poor ventilation, and you might feel like you need a second job just to pay your energy bills.

Cool roof technology is a great way to keep your energy costs low during the scorching summers.

Cool roofing technology consists of a reflective coating that reflects the heat away from your roof instead of absorbing it.

In addition to keeping your home cooler during the summer, cool roofs will help prevent damage caused by the sunlight in the long run.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that allows live video to change the environment around you.

This technology allows residential roofing contractors to create a virtual roof installation that will enable their customers to see what their home will look like with their new roof.

Augmented reality will let you point your smartphone camera toward your home, "install" your new roof in real-time, and view it from any angle.

The Future Of Roofing

Roofing will always be an industry that prides itself on craftsmanship and precision.

However, the industry is also embracing new technologies that are changing the world, allowing significant advances to be made in the way roofers communicate, work, and interact with their customers.

Roofing technology is allowing roofing contractors to provide better services for their clients while enhancing their bottom line and staying safer.

Technology is changing the roofing industry, and everyone stands to benefit from these advances.

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