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How Do You Tell a Good Roofing Job From a Bad One?

November 20, 2023
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The roof is one of the most crucial components of a home since it protects every other component of the house.

When it comes to house maintenance and repair tasks, roofing is one of the house's most expensive and essential parts to keep up with.

Given the importance of a roof, you want to make sure that your roofing is top-notch and as well-maintained as possible.

This is true whether you have a shingle roof, metal roof, or any other type of roof.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of roofers out there that claim to be competent but provide subpar roofing services.

If your roof repair is subpar, your entire roof won’t function as it should.

Here are some tips on differentiating between excellent roofing and poor workmanship so you can make the best decision for your home’s roofing.

Did you get a poor roofing job?

Signs Of A Bad Roofing Job

Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of contractors who want to take your money.

Knowing the obvious signs of a poor roofing job can help you ensure your next roofer does a quality job.

Some common signs of a bad roofing job are so obvious they can be spotted by doing a quick visual inspection.

It’s not necessary to be an expert or contractor to recognize poor roofing work.

A poorly maintained or constructed roof will not only look ugly but also cause expensive and complicated issues in the future.

All you have to do is keep an eye out for important indicators.

Each one will be a blatant indicator of whether an experienced roofing contractor completed your roofing job or if it was performed poorly.


The Roof Does Not Have a Uniform Appearance

Roofing systems that appear excellent on one side but appallingly bad on the other were not installed properly.

A quality roofing contractor will carefully calculate the framing members' size, spacing, and layout.

If the roofer didn’t complete the framework structure’s job, the roof could end up uneven.

Many roof frames droop due to lousy roofing contractors failing to place collar ties.

This may also involve mismatched shingles, indicating that the contractor used shortcuts to save time and money.

If the roof is not uniform, look for the following three things:

  • Sagging roof lines
  • Various shades of asphalt shingles
  • One part of the roof is made of a different material than the others

There are several more reasons a roof could be uneven, but poor roofing is the main culprit.


New Roof Leaks After the First Rain

Rain is the enemy of a poor roof, so keeping your roof dry is essential.

Rain is one of the greatest methods to test a new roof.

If your roof leaks after the first rain, it's the first indication of a poor roof installation.

The lifespan and structural integrity of your property can be severely harmed by water leaks, which can result from various roofing issues.

If there are any indications of water leaking, the roofing job was not completed correctly.

The roof deck can decay due to leaking over time, which may result in hazardous breaks or even collapse.

Make sure to contact the roofing company that installed your roof as soon as you notice a water leak.

If they are a dependable roofing contractor, they will identify the issue and resolve it right away.

If they don't take responsibility, you need to speak to a reputable roofing contractor immediately.

If they refuse to accept responsibility or disregard your call, there is a significant possibility that they are not trustworthy, and more of your roof could have been installed poorly.

If this is the case, you need to have a professional roof inspection performed by a qualified roofing company.

They may have to fix your roof, costing you even more money.


Improper Ventilation in the Attic

The ventilation system in your attic is essential to the longevity of your roof.

If there isn’t adequate ventilation, the trapped hot and cold air in your attic will reduce the lifespan of your roof.

When your ceiling seems warm on a hot day, your attic is likely retaining heat.

This takes us to the following indicator of a poor roofing job: improper attic ventilation.

The adhesives in the decking disintegrate, your roof’s shingles curl or fracture, and trapped hot air practically burns away your roof.

You’ll experience issues without enough attic ventilation whether there is trapped hot or cold air.


Missing Drip Edge

Drip edges are a crucial part of a roof as they maintain the water’s proper flow toward your gutters, keeping moisture away from your house.

The drip edge will prevent water from rising beneath your roof when there are strong wind gusts.

It is a clear sign of a bad roofing job if you notice that there are no drip edges on the border of your roof.

The decking on your roof or inside your home can decay or develop mold if the drip edge is absent.

Additionally, it might result in a flooded basement, discoloration, and soil erosion around your foundation.

What are the signs of a poor roofing job?

Signs of a Good Roofing Job

You want to ensure that your roof exhibits all the characteristics of a quality roofing project because it is the most crucial component of the house.

Here are a few things reputable roofing companies do that you can look for to determine whether your roof was done correctly.


The Roof Looks Uniform

Carefully inspect your roof after the professional roofers have finished their job.

Most individuals don’t perform a comprehensive visual examination of their roof installation once the process is finished.

Make sure the roof looks uniform while examining the roofing contractor's work.


The Roof Includes Drip Edge Flashing

Poorly qualified contractors frequently try to deceive homeowners by not installing drip edge flashing.

The main objectives of drip edge flashing are to minimize water damage to your property and prevent pest infestation.

If your roof doesn't have drip edge flashing, it indicates lazy workmanship.


The Roof Shows Quality Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is a substance positioned between both the roof decking and shingles.

It serves as a barrier to keep water out of your roof deck and house. Additionally, it may lengthen the roof’s lifespan.

A skilled roofer will install a high-strength underlayment, which is an essential component of a roofing job.

Remember to pay attention to this when your roof is being installed.

Unscrupulous roofers try to cut corners and may skip the underlayment or install it improperly.


The Roof Is Properly Ventilated

Good roof ventilation prevents winter ice jams, increases shingle life, and saves you on cooling costs.

If you can touch your ceiling on a sunny day and it doesn’t feel warm, your roof has been properly worked on and has the correct ventilation.


The Contractor Is a Reputable Local Roofing Company

Roofing companies in your area are not only business owners but also key members of the community.

Local roofers will ensure that their community receives the greatest roofing job possible and are known for their attentiveness and friendliness.

Local roofing companies have probably worked on the roof of a friend, family member, or coworker, and you can ask them about the job they did.

TK Roofing and Gutters has an experienced team of local roofers that will do quality work on your roof.

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